Transport Packages

Our transport packages are tailor made to suit your specific distribution requirements.  These packages provide cost effective and management proven solutuions that allow you to get on with your business whilst we look after our business – YOUR vehicle fleet.

Ad-Hoc Truck Rental

Ad-Hoc Truck rental is needed when your company’s own fleet of vehicles are not sufficient to achieve deliveries on time.  You have the choice of renting a vehicle on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, with our driver or with your own driver.  This type of rental is very popular in the peak season or silly season, or should your own vehicle need to go in for repairs or for routine maintenance.

Long Term Rental Agreements

Normally Long Term Rental Agreements are an option when a company does not have the initial capital lay out in order to buy more vehicles or the company has decided to invest the capital that they do have into another venture.

Long Term Rental Agreements can be for a period of 1 – 5 years, depending on the customers requirements and needs.  These vehicles can be from our existing fleet of vehicles or brand new vehicles build to the client’s specifications.

Distribution Contracts

Want to concentrate on your core business?  Then this type of solutions enables you to do just that.  We will supply the vehicles, the manpower (driver and crew), the management, the workshops and the replacement vehicles to ensure that the deliveries of your products are perfectly executed in the most economical structure.